CareView Communications is an emerging growth technology provider to the healthcare industry with unrivaled leadership and institutional support.

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CareView™ is the next generation of patient care monitoring. Unlike any other company in healthcare today, we have introduced the most perceptible element of patient care for nursing-continual, real-time monitoring and observation.


The CareView System® is a secure video monitoring system that connects the patient room to a touch-screen monitor at the nursing station, allowing nursing staff to maintain a level of visual contact with each patient. This capability also enhances usage of the nurse call system and reduces steps to and from patient rooms. Additionally, recording capability allows for a video record of all in-room activity during the length of the patient’s stay.

This HIPAA compliant, patient approved video record can be included as part of the patient’s medical record and serves as additional documentation of bed side care, procedures performed, patient and hospital ancillary activities, incidents, support for clinical and supportive services, technique and, if necessary, evidence.

Additional HIPAA compliance features allow for privacy to be enabled by the patient, nurse or physician at any time.

In addition to patient safety & security, the CareView System® also provides a suite of services to increase patient satisfaction scores and enhance the overall image of the hospital. GuestView™ includes first run, on-demand movies, Internet access via the patient television, and video visits with family and friends from anywhere in the world.

Through continued investment in patient care technology, CareView™ is helping hospitals and assisted living facilities build a safe, high quality healthcare delivery system that best serves the patient, while striving for the highest level of satisfaction and comfort.

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CareView Communications has developed and implemented patented technology for the visual monitoring between patient and healthcare facility personnel.

  • Over the past decade, healthcare costs have risen over three times faster than wages while healthcare budgets and the quality of care have deteriorated. As a result, solving the U.S. healthcare crisis is a top issue in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street.
  • U.S. doctors and nurses consistently report that hospital staffing levels are inadequate to provide safe and effective care. Studies show that when a nurse is assigned more than four patients, the risk of death goes up by 7% for each additional patient.
  • Patient falls consistently compose the largest single category of reported incidents in hospitals. Patient falls cost U.S. hospitals over $18 billion annually.
  • 79% of all hospital falls take place in the patient’s room. Hospitals are held responsible and denied complete reimbursement for all injuries from falls in hospital patient rooms.
  • The U.S. healthcare system is transforming and, fortunately, the system is changing in a way that will increasingly reward providers for quality and prevention of avoidable complications, mortality, re-admissions, etc.

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