Corindus Vascular Robotics is a global technology leader in robotic-assisted percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs).

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CorPath® Robotic PCI


The CorPath Vascular Robotic System enables the precise, robotic-assisted control of coronary guidewires and balloon/stent devices during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) from the safety of a radiation-protected interventional cockpit.

CorPath One Stent Program

Sub-optimal stent positioning has been shown to increase the rate of Target Vessel Revascularization (TVR) within the first year after a PCI procedure. Optimal stent positioning utilizes one stent for each lesion, however, the current national average is 1.2 stents/lesion.

By minimizing stent utilization, the CorPath Vascular Robotic Program has the potential to bring significant clinical, safety, and financial benefits to your hospital. To demonstrate Corindus’ commitment to the benefits of CorPath’s robotic precision, Corindus is offering a unique stent utilization efficiency program.

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CorPath Vascular Robotic Program

Every successful CorPath Vascular Robotic Program requires up front planning, administrative support and a strong partnership with Corindus Vascular Robotics. This is an important step in ensuring that your department will maximize return on investment and for you to achieve or surpass your goals. With this in mind, Corindus would like to be closely involved in supporting the development and execution of your robotic angioplasty program and looks forward to working with your institution to build a world-class program.

CorPath Measurement Feature

The CorPath Vascular Robotic System consists of two components: a bedside unit and an interventional cockpit. The radiation-shielded cockpit features a simple-to-use control console to precisely control the movement of guidewires and balloon/stent catheters. Using joysticks and touchscreen controls, the physician is able to measure anatomy length to select the appropriate stent. The bedside unit is the 'engine' of the system that translates your commands into precise movements and manipulations of the coronary stents and catheters. With CorPath, you will be empowered by precise sub-millimeter measurement and 1mm advancement accuracy. By optimizing stent selection and positioning, CorPath gives you the tools to position the right stent in the right place.

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