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Hancock Jaffe

Venous Valve: Remarkably Mimetic of a Native Venous Valve

The VenoValve™, designed to provide surgeons with the first comprehensive surgical option for the treatment of lower limb chronic deep venous insufficiency, recognized as one of the most disabling and debilitating conditions in the United States and Europe.

Heart Valve: Specifically Designed to Simulate Pediatric and Adolescent Native Heart Valves

Bioprosthetic heart valve replacement is designed to meet the demands of the pediatric and adolescent patient. The design incorporates patented features that optimize performance and durability with the benefit of the lack of need for anticoagulation therapy. Hemodynamic preclinical studies provide evidence that the bioprosthesis has significant potential to reduce the number of procedures commonly required as patients grow and approach adulthood.

CoreoGraft™ - Coronary Artery Bypass Graft: Anatomically and Functionally Mimetic of Free Saphenous Vein Grafts

Bioprosthetic coronary artery bypass graft is specifically designed to address the demands of coronary artery blood flow. The "off the shelf" CoreoGraft™ bioprosthesis will allow for more complete revascularization of the diseased heart with the goal of eliminating the need for vein and artery harvesting procedures thus reducing the comorbidities and complications attendant to graft harvesting.

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