Major League Football™ is the answer to your dream of a professional spring football league that’s explosive, innovative, and focused on the fan experience.

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MLFB IS ... Dynamic


MLFB will have a DYNAMIC relationship with its fans. The relationship starts with sharing our dreams. Everyone has a dream. MLFB and its players are CHASING THE DREAM.....WHAT IS YOURS?

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Major League Football is a high-octane Spring football league founded on 3 principles of; Being Dynamic, Being Disruptive and Being Community-Centric. MLFB is driven by these principles to deliver an exciting experience and opportunity for our fans and teams around the game we love.

Growing the game is not just about when we play; it’s about where. That’s why we’re partnering with cities that don’t currently have a professional football team. We want to spread MLFB to the communities that want it the most.

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